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Function: -

Exposure +Washout +Drying + Treatment (Light finishing)


A4, A3, A2, 24”x30”, 30”x 40”, 40”x50”, 42x 60, 42”x70”& 52”x 82”

Features of Exposure unit:-

Instant light up high intensity lamps unique digital timers for back/main exposure. Excellent lamps cooling / exhausting system Quick vacuum drawdown pump with indicator

Features of Anti-tack :-

Treatment For Flexo Chemical free operation, simple easy & safe Digital timer for light finishing time control Equipping with high intensity lamps with powerful air exhausting for bad odors.

Features of Drying unit :-

Drying drawer with uniform heat distribution Temperature adjustable by a prices controller unique air circulation and exhaustion design over heat sensor for safety protection

Rotary Washout unit:-

Rotary washout to save operating room Operation-watching window. Solvent tank equipped with level indicator Before-finish washout exhaustion design Indicator for brush roller Distance Wrap-a-round washout gets better results Both solvent spray and steep type design Brush distance adjustable for any thickness Plates.(Inside) Roller rotation and brush horizontal movements

Salient Features:-

Sturdy machine Design with Smooth Functioning With Plc Or Microcontroller base Automation With Hi efficient Tube and Reflectors

Plates Suitable:


For Printing:

Plastic Sack, Paper Sack, Flexible Packaging, Aluminum Foil, Tissue, Milk Beverage Cartoon, Label, Preprint, Cartoon, Stamps, Barcode, Batch Coding, film, paper, corrugated board, paper carton, knitting bag, Tetra pak etc.

Technical Data:-

Machine Controls By Micro Processors Base controller. Machine Controlled By Programmable Logic Controller (PLC Base Optional) With lamp Hour Calculation and Extra Additional Custom Made Program Will be Provided as per Customer requirement
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